Triathlon pictures - 2010 Aviva Ironman 70.3 Singapore  

I have enjoyed watching the Aviva Ironman 2010 triathlon competition, last Sunday. I did take quite a few pictures, these are a few samples:

Racer Dai Matsui (#866) of Japan:
Racer number 0866

Racer Domenico Passuello (#11) of Italy:
Domenico Passuello, #11

If you were at the race and you are interested in the picture(s) I might have taken of you cycling or running during the race (sorry, no swimming), contact me at info AT I will let you have those pictures for free.

Soon online:
- The list of race numbers for which I have pictures;
- CSS (you might not care, but that's one of the main differences between a crappy-looking web page and a good-looking one);
- More sample pictures;
- Pics of the fencing competition that took place in Singapore in Feb 2010.

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Posted on: Thursday, 25th March 2010, at 17:19 - Updated: Friday, 20th May 2011, at 13:28
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On 20/05/2011 alle 09:24, Dai Matsui wrote:
Hello Claudio,
Thanks for nice photo!
You have very dynamic shot of myself during Aviva Singapore Ironman 70.3 last year.
My name is Dai Matsui from Tokyo and my bib number is 866 with zebra color bike awns putting my tongue out! I think this is grat shot and I would appreciate if you could give me a copy of the photo.
Thanks / Chao.
On 20/05/2011 alle 13:24, Claudio Piombetti wrote:
Hello Dai,
Check your mail, I sent you a larger copy of this picture plus another one taken at the Aviva Ironman.


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