My first Oval Ball Weekend, the other match: Rivoli Blacks vs Lancieri Novara  

As I said a few weeks ago, in October I had the opportunity to follow an American football match from the sidelines. In 2010. Two-thousands-and-ten. That's about thirty years after the first NFL match I saw on tv. Well, yes, I did wait a bit. And thanks to the Rivoli Blacks press agent - and to coach Gianni Brena, I suppose - I have been welcomed on the sidelines of the Blacks complex in Grugliasco, near Turin (that's Turin, Italy, not Turin, Georgia, USA).

Guess what: it did rain a lot. And it was a dark Saturday night. It looks like I am bound to take sports pics in near darkness, lately...

Not. Enough. Light. Did I say that already? Light is really the most important thing one can ask for, when taking pictures. The light I found in the American West was great. The low, wintry light I encountered in New Zealand was almost magic. Taking good pictures with that kind of light was a pleasure and almost a guarantee of good pics.

Whatever the excuse, the 8Gb of pics I took during the Blacks-Lanceri match were mostly unusable. Which is a pity, because the match - valid for the Under 21 FIF championship - was exciting, despite being quite one-sided. Very one-sided, in truth: the Blacks won fair and square, beating the Lanceri Novara 50-0. Most of the points came from #28, a Mr. Roagna who seems to be quite apt at running wild along the sidelines. This is Italian American football, and Roagna is no Chris Johnson, but on that night, he certainly looked like the Tennessee Titans standout.

A few pics below. #27 is a very young promise for the Blacks team, playing for their Under 13 squad.

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Posted on: Saturday, 6th November 2010, at 07:50 - Updated: Monday, 15th November 2010, at 15:06
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