Triathlon is so photogenic: more pics from Aviva Ironman 70.3 in Singapore  

There was no live rugby for me last weekend, therefore I have been doing some digging in my "pics that should be published" list. And the result is ... more pictures from the 2010 Aviva Ironman 70.3 triathlon competition, held in Singapore on 21st March 2010.

Some of the athletes in these pictures are:

23: Kelly Jarrett, 26th overall (6th among women), time: 04:46:38;
75: Ju sen Low, 854th overall, time: 06:39:11;
202: unknown (DNF?);
249: Sam Goh, 35th overall, time: 04:59:10;
326: Dane Cantwell, 21st overall, time: 04:48:03;
411: Hung wen Ong, 909th overall, time: 07:25:22;
462: Kenneth Yip, 75th overall, time: 06:01:59;
931: Kevin Smith, 242th overall, time: 05:56:31;
980: Yiszu Wu, 496th overall, time: 05:43:20.

Tags: pictures, Singapore, sport, triathlon
Posted on: Tuesday, 23rd November 2010, at 00:57 - Updated: Tuesday, 23rd November 2010, at 21:44
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