VII Rugby Torino vs CUS Pavia  

Another Sunday taking rugby photos, another Sunday watching a victory for VII Rugby Torino. This time it was 40-16 on CUS Pavia, on a dry-ish day in Settimo Torinese.

Before the match
Before the match

During the match
During the match

After the match
After the match

More pics from the same match available at "Pictures from VII Rugby Torino vs CUS Pavia", "Preparing for the scrum" and "More pictures from VII Rugby Torino vs CUS Pavia". All pictures are available in larger format.

Tags: pictures, rugby, Settimo Torinese, sport
Posted on: Sunday, 14th November 2010, at 23:39 - Updated: Tuesday, 16th November 2010, at 18:43
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