In rugby, your age doesn't matter

03/11/2010 | By Claudio_VL | Comments: 0

Despite watching rugby since the early Eighties, I have never seen a live rugby match before this, in October 2010. Rugby was not the most common sport in my neighbourhood in Italy, and even in the years I spent in the UK I have never seen people playing rugby. So all the rugby players I have ever seen were in their 20s or 30s. I am glad to see that there are exceptions, and that age, sometimes, does not matter: the gentleman wearing the yellow and blue jersey in the pictures below is not in this 30s, and most definitely not in his 20s. And he played as good as any other player on the field in the two Rugby VII Torino matches I watched, with Borgo Poncarale and with Rugby San Mauro.

Tags: pictures, rugby, Settimo Torinese, sport

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