Other pictures from the 2010 Aviva Ironman 70.3 in Singapore (triathlon)

29/03/2010 | By Claudio_VL | Comments: 4

A few other pictures from the Aviva Ironman 2010, the triathlon competition that took place in Singapore on 21st March 2010. Below you will see pictures of competitors #49, #95, #314, #608, #808, #950, #967, #1117 and of another unknown guy whose number is not visible in the picture.

Number 314Number 95Number 950Number 967Number 1117Number unknownNumber 608Number 808Number 49Competitor #985

As said in my previous post, if you have taken part to the Aviva Ironman 2010 and you want a larger version of a picture of you (cycling, crashing, running, but no swimming), contact me at info AT claudiopiombetti.com; I will send your picture for free for non-commercial use (printing it and giving it to your friends is OK). If you do not appear in the pictures published so far, contact me: I have about 900 pictures and there's a good chance I have pictures of most triathletes who took part in the race.

Update 29/03/2010

Here are the names of the guys in the pictures. Chaps, I tried to contact you to let you have the pictures I took (in case you liked them), but you're harder to find than a cheap, good plumber. So, here are your names, according to this site:

#49: Run'er LIN
#95: Donna DISTANT
#314: Gino ABANO
#608: Kian chiat LIM
#808: Paul HUGHES
#866: Dai MATSUI (previous post)
#950: Lawrence TEH
#967: Alvin VOON
#985: Wee khoon YEO
#1167: Brian MCGOVERN

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Comments (4)Comment this blog post

19/05/2010 15:53:21, Gino Abano
Hi Claudio,

Thank you very much for the photo! Stumbled upon your blog by accident, and was pleasantly surprised to find this photo of me from IM 70.3 Singapore.

#314 Gino Abano
18/06/2010 11:27:48, Claudio
Hi Gino,
If you like the picture and would like a larger copy, let me know. No charge.
01/03/2011 07:57:10, Wee Khoon
Hey man, what a surprise to see my photo here. And what a great shot. Thanks man.
01/03/2011 09:47:48, Claudio Piombetti
Wee Khoon,
I was lucky to catch you 'hovering' on the ground.

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