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Pages at Claudio Piombetti where we discuss Singapore (Una delle quattro Tigri Asiatiche, Singapore e' una delle capitali finanziarie mondiali, ed e' un trampolino di lancio per visitare il Sud-Est asiatico).

Triathlon is so photogenic: more pics from Aviva Ironman 70.3 in Singapore

There was no live rugby for me last weekend, therefore I have been doing some digging in my "pics that should be published" list. And the result is ... more pictures from the

The Helix Bridge in Singapore

A picture of the new Helix Bridge in Marina Bay, Singapore.

One more month in Singapore

After nine years, I have left my job as webmaster for a large logistics company. That job took me from Turin to London, to Atlanta, then to Singapore. I am grateful for the opportunities I had in thes...

Car racing near Marina Promenade

Sunday morning. You plan to sleep well into the morning, and maybe even reach that long-sought after goal, waking up at noon, to make up for a long backlog of lost sleep. And at ten o'clock an unbel...

Faces of triathlon

A few more pictures taken at the 2010 Aviva Ironman 70.3 in Singapore, on 21st March 2010. Sport portraits, if you want, bearing in mind the obvious: these are not portraits taken in a studio, ...

OSIM International Triathlon 2010 - #3879

A picture of racer #3879 at the OSIM International Triathlon competition in Singapore. A hot day, as usual, I hope all athletes remembered to put as much sun cream as I did; I got sunburnt the day bef...

Singapore Soccer Sixes: there is not just triathlon, here

It was too rainy to watch triathlon, today, so I went the City Hall area with the idea of visiting Peninsula Plaza and Funan Centre, And I accidentally stumbled upon an international football competit...

Is Singapore a triathlon-crazy island?

In Singapore, three weeks ago we had the Aviva Ironman 70.3. This weekend we have the OSIM International Triathlon 2010. Is Singapore a

Skaters at Somerset MRT - II

Other pictures taken last week near the Somerset MRT. Dozens of skaters on skateboards and on rollerblades, several photographers around, glorious sunshine (which disappeared too soon behind the build...

Extreme Sailing Series 2009, Singapore

December 2009, you wake up in the morning and what's out of the window? Catamarans racing in the Kallang Basin. On a sunny day. When there's nothing else to do. As Mr. Wilde used to say, "I can r...

2010 Aviva Ironman 70.3 Singapore: numbers 5, 1028, 1104, 911, 955

Another few pictures of the triathlon competition that took place in Singapore two weeks ago, the Aviva Ironman 2010. Number 5, James Cunnama, who finished second:

Skaters at Somerset MRT

Spent a few hours next to the Somerset MRT station, taking pictures of skaters (on skateboards and on rollerblades).

Beware: triathlete charging!

A picture of #29, Margaret Shapiro, at the recent 2010 Aviva Ironman 70.3, a triathlon competition that took place in Singapore in March 2010.

Other pictures from the 2010 Aviva Ironman 70.3 in Singapore (triathlon)

A few other pictures from the Aviva Ironman 2010, the triathlon competition that took place in Singapore on 21st March 2010. B...

Triathlon pictures - 2010 Aviva Ironman 70.3 Singapore

I have enjoyed watching the Aviva Ironman 2010 triathlon competition, last Sunday. I did take quite a few pictures, these are a few samples: Racer Dai Matsui (#866) of Japan:

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