Is Singapore a triathlon-crazy island?

10/04/2010 | By Claudio_VL | Comments: 0

In Singapore, three weeks ago we had the Aviva Ironman 70.3. This weekend we have the OSIM International Triathlon 2010. Is Singapore a triathlon-crazy island?

I don't know much about triathlon, I have no problems admitting that. I know athletes swim, then they ride a bicycle, then they run. Then, if they were like me, they would swear they will never do anything like that again. And on Tuesday they would be training.

I was saying I do not know much about triathlon, and I cannot claim to know much about Singapore, despite having spent here the last two years. The usual stereotypes of 'work hard, eat well, go shopping, travel abroad" and the status symbols listed as "the five Cs" (Condo, Cash, Credit card, Card, Country club)(ok, that's seven) are not enough to explain a country. But one thing seems true: "commitment to excellence", the slogan that used to be the core of the Oakland Raiders' approach to sports, applies to Singapore as well. Even more, actually:nowadays, the Raiders are regular NFL losers, while Singapore thrives. And that desire to excel and to lead might help to understand why there are so many triathlon competitions in Singapore (well, at least in the last few weeks).

If anybody has global statistics on the number of triathlon amateur and professional athletes, let me know: I believe Singapore has way more than its fair quota of triathletes, a disproportionate high number for such a relatively small country.

Well, after all this blabbing, I will be near the ECP, tomorrow, to take pictures of the OSIM International Triathlon 2010. I will take pictures of most athletes, probably, as I did at the Aviva Ironman, but if you want to be sure that I take pictures of you, tell me: leave a comment at the bottom of this page indicating your race number (I hope those have been assigned already), or nod/pat me on the shoulder/smile when you ride past me, tomorrow at the race. But please do not crash to attract my attention: I have a few pictures of people crashing at the Ironman, no need to have more...

How to spot me: I am an ang mo, about 1.84m, between scrawny (US standards) and slim (European standards), fair-ish hair, primary-colour t-shirt (red, blue or green) and green-gray shorts, big black backpack on my shoulders, Nikon D300, and probably an unusual point of view (either very low, or very close to the athletes).

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